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Here's what too few people talk about:
there is no amount too small to make a valuable difference.

Your money just has to be directed to the right places.

If you're an every-day aspiring philanthropist (like me) and your funds are limited, then every dollar you give should literally create meaningful change -- which is why KFG has done the legwork for you and created a giving menu of 15 nonprofit organizations that will transform any amount into a lasting difference.

This nonprofit model streamlines your ability to give regularly (so your regular donation is multiplied 12x over the course of a year!) and funnels your cash to multiple nonprofits of your choosing that are rising to the occasion and meeting the needs of communities across the planet in effective ways.

Consistent giving + Great charities = real good, feel-good impact. 

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I believe we can totally change the giving experience for everyday folks.

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how it works


1. Check out our giving menu

and review the wide range of nonprofits we've selected for 2022 and 2023!

2. Submit your selections

via this form, so that we have all the info we need to allocate your funds to your chosen nonprofits.

3. Set up your recurring donation

by clicking on the donate page. We use Zeffy: a platform that sends your entire donation amount to us without taking any fees.

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After your recurring donation is set up, it's time to sit back, relax and wait for your next impact report summarizing the change you're making! You can also track our collective impact as an organization.

Kind Futures Giving is a registered 501c3 nonprofit that connects individuals who want to give regularly with some of the most effective and efficient nonprofit organizations on the planet - selecting those that operate with focus, accountability and heart to create tangible impact in the world.

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