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We are based on 3 key premises:

  • There is no amount too small to make a valuable difference - $5, $10 can make a world of change if given to the right place!

  • "The future will be kind to us because we will create it” - We all hold the power to create a better, kinder tomorrow. This quote is the inspiration for our name! 

  • You don’t need a foundation or a building named after you; we can ALL be philanthropists! All you need to do is to give consistently over time. 

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About KFG

Kind Futures Giving founder Marisa Grimes has nearly a decade of experience working in the non-profit sector in East Africa where she's seen firsthand the incredible benefits of money well spent (and money less well spent…).  As a young professional with lots of financial demands, regular giving often took a backseat to other priorities. Marisa would donate on an ad-hoc basis, but didn’t set up consistent monthly donations for years. She also spent a lot of time wondering: if I only had $20/month to give, would it even make a difference? 

Then she considered this:  If the richest people in the world have access to money managers to direct their philanthropy, why can't the rest of us?

KFG is here to help you find the best places for your funds, streamline the giving process to be one recurring payment away, and be an accountability partner over time so you can achieve your goal to give consistently.  Once you set up your donation, you can watch your impact grow month after month via your quarterly impact report.


Kind Futures Giving was launched in July 2022 as a 501c3 after originally being run as a pilot in late 2021 with ten trial participants and confirmed that this design fills a specific niche. Through that trial, $915 was donated to 11 different organizations. Those funds translated into:

  •  $24,000 of medical debt abolished in the US

  • 1,500 meals to families facing hunger

  • 400 doses of Vitamin A,

  • 96 trees planted

  • 850 metric tons of CO2 averted for rainforest protection

  • 156 people treated for NTDs, 3 people cured from cataract blindness...and more! 

This nonprofit is truly a labor of love - Marisa works on this in her spare time. KFG has 501c3 status, and is a registered nonprofit in the United States. The $1 per month collected from donations for Kind Futures Giving specifically only goes towards website hosting, incidental costs like stamps and envelopes, and saving up for anticipated future costs (like external audits). Funds allocated to selected nonprofits are disbursed on a regular basis via check or direct transfer from KFG's US bank account. We always clear out our accounts at the end of every year -- but try to leverage any matching opportunities as they come up! 

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