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2024 Giving Menu

Below you'll find 17 nonprofits that we're excited to have you support starting in 2024! No matter which ones you pick, you'll be helping someone (near or far!) in an incredibly tangible way.

These nonprofit organizations provide care across numerous countries spanning continents, and all answer the call to provide basic needs to those who need them most. They are transparent with their financials, measure their impact rigorously, and have external vetting. You can read more about what goes into the selection process here.

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  2. Trees for the Future

  3. Sea Trees* 

  4. Oyster Recovery Partnership*

  5. Against Malaria Foundation

  6. Himalayan Cataract Project

  7. Visionspring*

  8. The END Fund

  9. Midwives for Haiti

  10. Born on the Edge* 

  11. Vitamin Angels

  12. RIP Medical Debt

  13. One Warm Coat

  14. Feeding America 

  15. First Book + Books from Birth

  16. Healthy Learners*

  17. Days for Girls

* These are NEW in 2024!

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#TEAMSEAS started in 2022, and was an initiative to raise over $30M in the first few months of the year to remove trash from beaches, rivers and oceans. They work with the Ocean Conservancy and the Ocean Cleanup Project to remove plastics, debris, and trash from our precious water resources. 

Every $5 donated to Team Seas removes at least 5 pounds of trash from the ocean.  

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Trees for the Future (TREES) trains farmers in agroforestry and sustainable land use—so that they can build vibrant regional economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet. Since 1989, they've planted 250M trees, and are aiming to reach 1B by 2030!

Every $5 plants 20 trees, including the seeds, tools and training required. 

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Sea Trees supports a unique way of capturing carbon -- through the reforesting of the ocean/sea floor! Specifically, this project rehabilitates the Mediterranean Sea off of the island of Mallorca, Spain. Funds are funneled from Sea Trees to the Cleanwave Foundation.

Every $1 will restore 1 sq. foot of seagrasses and algae!



Since 1994, ORP has been working in the Chesapeake Bay Area to restore oysters to more than 3,000 acres of reef! They have planted more than 11.5 BILLION oysters, each of which can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day to rejuvenate our waterways.

Every $10 to ORP can help bring 1,000 more oysters to the Bay!


Health Access

Over 600,000 people die annually due to malaria (most are young children), despite it being a largely treatable + preventable disease. Insecticidal nets are the best method for prevention, and Against Malaria Foundation has a lean yet robust delivery system, delivering over 230,000,000 nets since its inception less than 20 years ago. It also has 100% transparency on its website! 

Every $2 purchases a bed net that will help reduce the likelihood of malaria for two people (illness or death). $10 = 5 nets! 


Health Access

Did you know that 80% of global blindness can be treated with a 10 minute surgery that costs just $25 in materials? Over 30 million people worldwide face blindness, but millions are just one intervention away from experiencing sight again! HCP works in 20 countries to train and support thousands of local eye care professionals to perform sight-restoring surgeries as well as basic eye exams. 

Every $25 can fund a surgery that restores sight to someone! 


Health Access

More than 1 Billion people have diminished vision, and eyeglasses are an affordable and easy intervention to support so many towards better sight! Visionspring accelerates individuals towards income earning potential, better learning opportunities and safer driving practices by distributing affordable eyeglasses to those who need it. 

Every $5 helps subsidize the cost of a pair of glasses to someone with impaired vision! 


Health Access

Nearly 1.7 billion people, 1B of which are children, are affected by NTDs, such as river blindness or worms. Intervention restores health and increases quality of life, and revitalizes communities and income potential! The END Fund operates across Africa and Asia, and serves ~92 million people a year. 

Every $10 helps 12 people receive treatment for a Neglected Tropical Disease.


Women & Children

Midwives for Haiti helps to fund birth attendants and safe deliveries, as well as pre- and postpartum care for women and newborns. Since their inception in 2006, they've helped to grow the total birth-focused medical staff in Haiti by 30%! 

Every $10 purchases items needed for 5 clean delivery kits for Matwòns (local birth attendants) in rural areas. 


Women & Children

Born of the Edge works in Uganda and focuses their efforts on systems strengthening, new family support and most excitingly training for healthcare workers. Since their launch, they have trained over 750 healthcare workers on the front lines of hospitals and clinics serving newborns and their mothers. 

Every $4.15 trains a healthcare worker on newborn care best practices. 


Women & Children

Vitamin Angels works with thousands of partners around the globe to provide nutritional support to pregnant women and young children. In particular, they support prenatal vitamin distribution to support healthy fetal growth and Vitamin A doses and albendazole (dewormer) to young children to grow and combat infection!

Every $5 buys 180 tablets of prenatal vitamins OR 20 doses of Vitamin A. 

RIP Medical Debt.jpg

USA Impact Multipliers

RIP Medical Debt has an astonishing track record...since its launch in 2015, they have released more than 3.6 million families from 6.7 BILLION dollars of medical debt...and counting! With 79 Million Americans carrying medical debt (driving 2/3 of all bankruptcies), there is no greater way to support families to get back on track. The organization buys debt from collecting agencies for a literal penny to the dollar. 

Every $5 eradicates $500 of medical debt. 

One Warm Coat.png

USA Impact Multipliers 

It's a simple premise - One Warm Coat works with sponsors to provide brand new coats, and a strong volunteer network to host gently used coat drives in order to provide free coats to children and adults across all 50 states. The have facilitated the disbursement of 7.3 million coats over the past 30 years, and have helped keep more than 18 million pounds of clothes out of landfills. 

Every $5 provides five free coats to individuals who need warmth. 

Feeding America_CMYK_Full Color_Primary-01.png

USA Impact Multipliers

Did you know 1 in 9 people face hunger in the United States right now, including 12 million kids? Feeding America is the largest hunger relief network in the US, partnering directly with food banks and retailers to get food into the hands of those who need it cost-effectively and with dignity across the entire country.

Every $10 can provide 100 meals to families through local food banks!


Education Access

One of the best predictors of someone's academic success is how many books are in your home - children who are around books and have age-appropriate reading material have a leg up when it comes to schooling. These donations will be split between First Book, which is a nationally well-known nonprofit which distributes millions of books a year, and Books from Birth, which is a small nonprofit that services the Brazos Valley in Texas. Both distribute books to kids where every book makes a difference. 

Every $10 purchases ten books for kids. 


Education Access

Healthy Learners is currently focused in Zambia where they bridge the healthcare gap for children by bringing community health services to schools in partnership with the government. This has demonstratively led to increased attendance and lower rates of stunting and NTDs!

It costs just $1.51 per child/year to establish/maintain healthcare access at their school. 


Education Access

Since 2008, DfG have reached 2.5 million women and girls in 144 countries with menstrual health solutions and education. Did you know many girls miss 10-20% of school days due to lack of period products? They also support local women to make patent-winning pads that help girls stay in school and give them a chance to attend class more regularly - and help close the gap between boys and girls finishing secondary education! 

Every $10 purchases a locally-made period kit for one girl to use for three years! 

Giving Menu: What We Do

Gone for now:

In 2022 and 2023 we supported the following organizations, but in 2024 we are making space for new additions (listed above).

  • Caring for Cambodia

  • Coalition for Rainforest Nations

  • Greater DC Diaper Bank

KFG does hope to continue to rotate organizations over time to create a dynamic giving experience to our donors.

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Are you ready to start giving?

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