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As of December 31, 2023:

10 donors have contributed over $6,000 to be distributed across all 15 of the nonprofits on our list. 

These funds have converted into:

368 pounds of trash removed from oceans/rivers

2,436 trees planted

1,640.5 metric tons of carbon aversion

317 mosquito nets to be distributed

20 cataract surgeries

2,008 doses of Vitamin A 

696 treatments for NTDs

234 clean delivery kits for babies in Haiti

$101,000 of medical debt forgiven

516 warm coats given to those in need

13,840 meals for the food-insecure

1,270 new books for children

18 months funding of a child's tuition in Cambodia 

68 period kits for female students

1,931 diapers for the DC Diaper bank

What's SO exciting about this is because we leverage matching opportunities, we've almost added 50%  of value on our $6,230 raised to actually have the effects of $9,323 (achieving the above results)! 

Onwards to 2024!

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