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How do you select which nonprofits to choose?

There are literally millions of nonprofits to choose from, so this is the hardest part of our work!

Generally, we look at a few key metrics:

1) Transparency of expenditures [published 990s, annual reports, etc]

2) Quantifiable costs of programming

3) Tracking and reporting of impact

4) 90%+ Charity Navigator ratings

5) Support from Givewell or the Life You Can Save

6) Operates at scale [cost-efficiency] or works as the last mile implementor

7) Equal opportunity - there are no strings or qualifications for those receiving services 

Can you explain more about the themes?

Our five themes are:

  • USA Impact Multipliers

  • Conservation / Environment 

  • Education Access

  • Women and Children

  • Health Access

Each of these remain touchpoint of areas of work within the development space (both within the US and across the globe!) that require regular funding to close gaps between where we are, and a brighter, kinder future.

These are reflective of the general interests of our donors, but could change or be added to over time. 

Why do you only accept recurring donations?

There are many great nonprofits that accept one -off payments, but the Kind Futures Giving model is based on the power of giving small consistently to create big change. Helping our supporters get into the groove of a giving habit is part of our mission!

How much of my donation directly supports the cause?

The amounts you direct on the giving selection form is where your nonprofit donations will go -- KFG takes $1 off the top of your total monthly donation (which is why we encourage gifts of $11, $26 or $51 for example!) for our small but consistent operating costs. If you do use a round number, we'll still allocate using the the ratios you wish, with $1 removed/month (likely a few cents off of each selection!).

Why is my monthly impact higher than I expected?

We make payouts to nonprofits timed around when we can leverage opportunities to double your impact, like during #GivingTuesday match challenges! If other opportunities arise during the year, you can bet we'll take advantage of those for you, and pass on the thanks! 

How can you guarantee the impact created?

We know that if this money goes towards programming at any one of these organizations, the impact mentioned on our giving menu is a likely outcome. Of course, it could also go to staff or needed resources to facilitate that outcome -- and that's super important too! We use these hard outcomes as a proxy for you to see the impact you're having, but we can't 100% guarantee that your funds will be used exclusively for outcomes.

How can I suggest a nonprofit for KFG's giving menu?

You're welcome to send in suggestions through our contact form! We're open to consider working with any 501c3 organization (or an international equivalent) that can meet our selection criteria + cultivate interest among our community. However, do keep in mind that we try to keep our menu limited and focused around our core themes :)

How do I make changes to or cancel my donation?

You can send us email to or go back to the email Zeffy sent you after you sign up on our donation form to modify or end your recurring donation. If changes to our giving menu happen over time, we'll notify you in case you want to make any modifications!

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